Third Person Driver Camera System

Using cameras to augment driver vision has eliminated blind spots. This new version uses a selectable view angle to create a third person viewpoint similar to that used in video games. This technology is likely to expand beyond cars and driving to include many aspects of our daily lives. As video I/O points continue to shrink and become less expensive, materials become more “active”, and our ability to manipulate live video streams increases, we will develop active walls and surfaces of all kinds that can either be transparent or display any combination or augmentation of images.

SPTek 3D AVM Product Video

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Camera Array Gives You Real-Time Third Person View As You Drive – []

If you’ve ever driven a car in a video game, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with the fact that it’s way easier to avoid running into stuff if you’re using a third person view. That is, viewing the car from outside (slightly above and behind) as opposed to from behind the steering wheel. A third person perspective lets you see not just most of the car itself, but also what’s going on around the car, in areas that would otherwise be blind spots.

Transparent Cars
No Windows in Space
Smart Transparent Metallic Glass
Active Living Spaces

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