Pico Projectors

Pico projectors are small devices that can project images on nearby surface, replacing the conventional idea of a monitor. They are likely to start being built into many small mobil electronic objects and will make information more available regardless of the environment.

Analyst predicts rapid growth for pico projectors – [eetimes.com]

The capability of picoprojectors to overcome screen-size limitations in mobile electronics devices, projecting a large image despite their small size, makes embedded pico projectors a perfect fit for space-constrained mobile devices, according to iSuppli.

Projectors, HD and fashion invade cellphone – [eetimes.com]

“It’s always in focus. No lens is needed,” said Matt Nichols, a director at Microvision. Further, “It can project images onto a variety of surfaces ” including a hand, shirt or any surface,” not limited to a flat white wall.

Pico Projector – [picoprojector.org]

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