Navisense iPoint

A motion sensing interface allows users to interact with software using a finger which is “sensed” using ultrasonic ranging. The finger becomes a combination mouse/cursor/drawing device or whatever the software supports.
iPoint Technology

The iPoint™ is a small motion sensing mouse device which mounts to the keyboard or computer. Alternatively, the device can be integrated within laptops or notebooks. A user typing at the keyboard raises a solitary finger thereby gaining control of the cursor on the display. The cursor moves in accordance with the movement of the user’s finger. A first finger movement acquires navigation control of the cursor, and a second finger movement activates single and double click behavior.

iPoint Applications

The iPoint permits touchless control of 3D models and Gaming animations. With the iPoint the user can move, rotate, spin, and zoom in and out on 3D objects or visual fields to permit 360 degree viewing. The iPoint is also suitable for use with medical imaging systems such as MRI or Ultrasound that support 3D/4D modeling.

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