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F-35 Helmet

F-35 Helmet

The F-35 helmet display system offers fighter pilots an augmented reality 360 degree panoramic viewpoint for controlling their aircraft.

How the F-35 Demon Helmet Looks Inside – [gizmodo.com]

The helmet projects an augmented reality world inside its visor. This image is created by a visualization, targeting, and situational awareness marvel called Electro Optical Distributed Aperture System, which combines the feeds from six advanced infrared digital cameras located around the aircraft and other sensors—like radar—into a seamless 360-degree spherical panorama, all in real time.

The panorama inside the helmet effectively makes the F-35 completely invisible to the pilot. In fact, he will be invisible to himself: If he looks down to his legs, he won’t see anything but the ground. He will be able to look to any direction and get a clear view of what is happening, day or night. And not only the image is crystal clear at all times, but it also gets overlaid with information from the targeting system.

F-35 Demon Helmet Will Make the Plane Disappear – [softpedia.com]

With the help of a system called the Electro Optical Distributed Aperture System (it combines feeds from six infrared digital cameras situated around the aircraft with sensors such as a radar), the helmet displays a 360 degree panorama of everything that surrounds the pilot, making the airplane and the pilot practically invisible. I guess the plane’s OSD is integrated in the helmet in order for the pilot to actually be able to see what buttons he’s pushing.

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