Sex With AI

We already have the ability to have sex with a variety of machines and to have sex in virtual environments (from telephone and text based sex to full blown virtual worlds with avatars). The real goal of most sexual interaction is not just orgasmic release, but a sense of an intimate connection with another being. The same is true for an AI endowed robot. The key factor is enough intelligence (or even mimicked intelligence) to create a sense of intimacy and the medium becomes irrelevant. If an avatar in a virtual world exhibits personality traits and can maintain a conversation level interaction, it cannot be long before somebody will try sexual interaction with it. This raises the possibility of a new version of the Turing test, which was designed to test Artificial Intelligence by comparing AI conversational interaction to humans. If you can’t tell whether you’re making love to an AI or human being, the AI should qualify as true intelligence.

Sex with Robots: How Humanity Is Screwing Itself – []

Sex with robots

Yes. Of course we will. Some of us do now. We call them vibrators.

One step up is the implanted spinal cord stimulator: It’s been reported since 2004 that a device originally designed for chronic pain control and urinary issues can stimulate orgasm in women — even individuals who thought they’d lost the ability to have them. The appliance is no bigger than a pacemaker, can be wired into a woman’s lower back in a physician’s office under local anesthetic, is FDA approved (for “bladder problems”), and can be run by remote control. Ask your doctor.

Will you be prepared when she asks you to trigger this device over the Internet in a loving act of telepresent titillation? What happens when this “Orgasmatron” is triggered by intelligent software, in tandem with some fairly straightforward force-feedback actuators, and both are driven by, similarly simple, biometric sensors under some rather rudimentary fuzzy logic?

Answer: the romantic robotic partner.It’s not much further along the technology curve to build this package into interactive machinery with humanoid appearance and, well, “feel.” Or non-humanoid, if she’s feeling adventurous.

Roxxxy Sexbot: It’s Not Her Looks, It’s Her Personalities – []

The real world has finally caught up with the concept of a sex robot, something that’s been immortalized in films ranging from “Westworld” to “A.I.” and the fembots of “Austin Powers.” And where else but the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas would that vision be realized in the five-foot-seven, 120-pound, lingerie-clad form of Roxxxy?

Roxxxy by True Companion
True Companion, a New Jersey-based company, took the wraps off of Roxxxy in Vegas over the weekend, touting her as “the world’s first sex robot.” She’s anatomically correct and has skin that feels real to the touch, but she doesn’t move. Then again, she may not have to; Roxxxy’s claim to fame is her embedded, customizable artificial intelligence, which gives her up to five “personalities” and the ability to interact with whomever buys her.

Beyond Turing

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