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Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness

Reading emotional and other states in human beings may become commonplace for automated devices. Interacting with a system that seems to “understand” your mood may make it easier to communicate well with the system, just as having a friend who shows some empathy can be helpful. It could make it possible for virtual reality systems to automatically sense your mood and project it into the behavior of an avatar.

Emotional robots: Will we love them or hate them? – [newscientist.com]

The latest technologies could soon be built into everyday gadgets to smooth our interactions with them. In-car alarms that jolt sleepy drivers awake, satnavs that sense our frustration in a traffic jam and offer alternative routes, and monitors that diagnose depression from body language are all in the pipeline. Prepare for the era of emotionally aware gadgets.

Sony patents reveal emotion recognition software – [gamesindustry.biz]

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed patents for software which is able to recognise emotions, including, laughter, sadness, joy, anger and boredom.

A Taxonomy of Applications that Utilize Emotional Awareness – [nl.ijs.si]

This paper deals with human-computer interaction applications that utilize emotional awareness. We will confine our discussion on speech-based applications. Prerequisites — training data, annotations — as well as state of the art in recognition and synthesis are addressed focusing on usability in possible applications and keeping restrictions in industrial environments in mind. We will present a taxonomy of applications using criteria such as online/offline, mirroring/non-mirroring, emotional/non-emotional and critical/noncritical system reactions. Based on a list of prototypical applications we check the consistency and usefulness of this taxonomy.

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