Computer Brains

FACETS (Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States) works at reproducing brain-like processing using computer hardware.

FACETS (Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States) – []

The goal of the FACETS project is to create a theoretical and experimental foundation for the realisation of novel computing paradigms which exploit the concepts experimentally observed in biological nervous systems. The continuous interaction and scientific exchange between biological experiments, computer modelling and hardware emulations within the project provides a unique research infrastructure that will in turn provide an improved insight into the computing principles of the brain. This insight may potentially contribute to an improved understanding of mental disorders in the human brain and help to develop remedies.

The FACETS Hardware – []

FACETS: Making Computers Work Like Brains – []

Why do we want computers that think like brains? Electrical signals in computers are faster than neurons, but brains have better strategies at solving big problems. You don’t race your calculator in addition competitions, but you also don’t ask a computer when you should get married. If we want computers that emulate human brain intelligence, we can’t just use brute force (make computers that are faster and more power hungry). We need to make computers that work in a completely different way from the ground up, replicating the amazing power, efficiency, and parallel processing of the brain.

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