Argumentative Agents

Effective argument can be considered as communication to persuade others through reasoned judgement. A discussion of the pros and cons of various options and an attempt to negotiate consensus as an outcome can be part of the process. Critical evaluation of the underlying logic and of the level of relevance of each component to the final objective are considered. In this case, the article below is discussing how AI agents can be used to present logical arguments and negotiate results.

Argumentative Agents for Online Deal-Making – []

Argumentative agent technology relies on software imbued with artificial intelligence that is able to make reasoned decisions by weighing up the pros and cons of different options.

Just as a human shopper might browse different online stores in search of a certain product, evaluating prices, quality and shipping times, a smart software agent representing a company or individual in an electronic marketplace carries out a similar reasoning process autonomously. When it comes to striking a deal, the agent enters into negotiations with other agents representing one or more counterparties in the marketplace, in effect haggling with them to obtain the best deal for the company or person it represents.


ARGUGRID has developed a new model for building Grid-based applications through the use of multi-agent technologies and argumentation logic to support the formation of dynamic virtual organizations.

The key advantage of the approach is simplifying the interactions between service providers and service consumers in a Service-oriented setting supported by P2P technologies.

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