Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence describes a situation where many interconnected electronic devices that surround an individual can respond to their needs with personalized information and may even be able to make deductions about the current state of the person and adapt in real time. It can also imply some collective analysis and response by the devices creating an environment that enhances the experience.

Ambient Intelligence: Snowboarding To The New Frontier – []

The My Space/Facebook phenomenon has shown how we love to share personal information. But will we take the next step and share our feelings and emotions across the ether?

Whether it is sensors on our skin, in our clothing or embedded in the environment, research into ambient intelligence is advancing in leaps and bounds. We could soon be using technology in a whole new, human-centric way.

But before we can fully interact in a responsive electronic environment, a number of obstacles need to be overcome. For example, the development of miniaturised, unobtrusive hardware, clever interfaces, data-secure systems, autonomous and flexible network protocols, and more efficient wireless infrastructures.


In this site you will find books and research papers, links to the leading research centers and free development and clinical tools to experience the power of ambient intelligence, mixed reality and virtual reality.
An important focus is given to cybertherapy and e-health. In particular, you can freely download different telemedicine and virtual reality tools.

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