AI Challenge – Ants

The Ants – AI Challenge allows contestants to create small programs that control a group of ants that are in competition with other groups of ants. You can control how the ants explore the map, avoid collisions, gather food, spawn and attack enemies. Once you have a strategy encoded, your ant colony can compete against others to see which program will survive.

This challenge is reminiscent of the 1985 c programming tutorial, “c-robots” which allowed contestants to program spots on a grid to either move, sense other robots or shoot at other robots. In the course of developing a strategy to keep your robot alive and eliminate the others, programming in simple c functions was learned.

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Introducing Ants

The AI Challenge is all about creating artificial intelligence, whether you are a beginning programmer or an expert. Using one of the easy-to-use starter kits, you will create a computer program (in any language) that controls a colony of ants which fight against other colonies for domination.

It only takes 5 minutes to submit one of the starter kits to the website and watch your ant colony fight for domination against colonies created by other people from around the world. From there check out the tutorials on how to locally run your bot and begin programming!

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CROBOTS (“see-robots”) is a game based on computer programming…

CROBOTS consists of a C compiler, a virtual computer, and battlefield display.
The CROBOTS compiler accecpts a limited subset of the ANSI C language.
The C robot programs are aided by hardware functions to scan for opponents, start and stop drive mechanisms, fire cannons, etc…

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CROBOTS is a programming game inspired by RobotWar and released as Shareware by Tom Poindexter in December 1985.

The object of CROBOTS is to write a program to control the movement, scanner and cannon of a battle robot using a subset of C.

A battle takes place between up to four robots, which need to eliminate all opponents to be declared winner.

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