A Timeline of Recursive Self-improving Algorithms

This brief but fascinating time-line list of algorithms that include recursive self improvement is well worth reading and even studying the links at the bottom of the article.

Timeline and analysis of existing attempts of recursive self improving (RSI) software systems – [medium.com]

What are Self-Improving algorithms?
Self-Improving algorithms must have the property to get better over time of solving a problem[Yampolskiy1 page 3]. Common examples of this behavior are neural networks and evolutionary algorithms. Not so common algorithms are sorting and clustering algorithms[si1].

What is Recursive Self improvement?
Recursive self improvement is defined as the process when the system can get better at getting better[Yampolskiy1 page 4].

RSI software systems can change their representations of most or all algorithms of the A(G)I system. The changed representation must include the search algorithm for the search of possible changes. The changes are made so that the performance of the agent is increased by some metric. Metrics to measure progress can be:

  • better time/space tradeoff of the algorithm(s)
  • better compression of the representation of algorithms or data
  • higher score for task(s)
  • higher rationality of a shaped agent [omohundro1]

Self-improvement is Recursive
Building a Synthetic Consciousness
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