The Visual Information SOuRce (VISOR) device evolved from several sources including eye-glasses, contact lenses and various types of heads-up displays. Augmented reality technology added information to all of these interfaces as well as other devices. Advances in 3-D techniques enhanced heads-up displays to create full stereoscopic presentations.

As nanotechnology became routinely embedded in most common materials and enabled pervasive connectivity, the need to constantly update information was taken for granted and some form of mobile intimate visual display was used by nearly everybody. Most modern VISOR forms use hybrid versions of nano-implants, virtual lenses and projection to complete the visual experience. Many VISORs today also have cosmetic skin modes that enable them to take on any programmed appearance from invisible to bug-eyes to unlimited art-inspired forms.

AR Displays
Pico Projectors
F-35 Helmet
Sixth Sense

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