The Universe Sucks

Forget the “Big Bang” theory. The universe didn’t explode outward with unbelievable force and heat. It is more correct to describe the beginning of our universe as an inward collapse, a great sucking implosion. But neither explosion nor implosion correctly describe what happened. The description of an explosion depends upon the idea that time-space is a constant and since there seems to be a lot more “stuff” including time-space in the universe now than there was back at the beginning, the universe must have expanded. If that were true, then the expansion was rapid enough in the early stages to be considered an explosion.

On the other hand, if we consider that the limits of the universe have not changed, then time-space must have changed in order to fit so much more into a limited universe. This seems to describe more of an implosion process than an explosion. As time-space compressed or collapsed into ever greater detail, more time-space became available, but the limits and size of the universe remained static.

Both of these descriptions depend upon being able to define the limits of the universe. This is difficult without a frame of reference outside of whatever we consider “the universe” to be. If we define the universe as everything there is, with no external frame of reference possible, then the universe could be considered the same as both a singularity and infinity. It’s all relative.

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