The Fantastic Fracture

At the “beginning” of the universe, when there was no time-space, the universe was more like a single point encompassing everything, a singularity with no time-space at all. In order for the universe to become something other than “everything”, it did not need to expand, in fact, that would be impossible since it was everything. It had to divide.

The universe had to extend part of itself away into a state of separation. Separation is not easy to achieve when there is no time-space and everything is one. This is really an event of spiritual creation and it involves creating time and space in order to create measurable separation. Imagining a mental construct is an act of creation which has no immediate correlation with time or space. In order to manifest that construct into physical reality, time and space must become involved and the construct has to be durable or lasting in time. So, time had to come first, before space. Once time creates duration, the object can be moved across space, as measured by time.

The first act of creation by the universe was a division that created definable time where it had previously been in a state of singularity or oneness. The next step was to continue the same operation of creation, recursively. This created a continuous stream of division into time dimensions or measurements. It wasn’t a “big bang” that created our universe – it was a “fantastic fracture”.

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