The Aliens Are Us

We indulge ourselves with science fiction stories and movies that portray aliens as strong and evil threats to human civilization. But our history shows that we are the most dangerous threat to other species around us. We have rolled over species and even entire environments in a destructive and ignorant fashion.

We don’t think of ourselves as evil or destructive and we also display many positive characteristics that offset our shortcomings. We have also saved many species and even entire environments. Perhaps our true nature is that of a brutish child with strength beyond its control, that is still struggling to grow into maturity.

Until we learn to control ourselves with more self awareness and a better concept of connectivity to the universe around us, we are likely to remain a threat to other species and even environments.

We are constantly increasing our understanding of the importance of studying ethics. Our ability to analyze the quality of the outcomes to our decisions has grown dramatically. And yet, even when we know what is the right thing to do, we often ignore that knowledge and follow some other desire instead.

We need to make some serious forward progress in these areas and specifically in our discipline to follow our own best advice. As long as we appear like the immature child playing with a hand grenade, any intelligent forces around us are likely to leave us resigned to our playpen.

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