SW Without HW

It has been said that “without hardware, software is nothing, but without software, hardware is something.” And you can even make an argument that some level of logic can be built into hardware simply because it must have some kind of ordered structure on many levels: time and space, atomic, molecular, chemical, even simple shape. All of these can effect self-assembly, swarm organization, neural network training patterns, genetic algorithms and more, which in turn can either represent or actually evolve logic patterns that are in essence “software”. You can further argue that any form of physical matter (hardware) has some ability in this regard and thus always incorporates some level of software inherently.

But can the reverse be true – can software imply hardware? Is the universe built from software first, that then manifests hardware as time, space, energy and matter? We can trace backwards from a material universe through a progression of matter as slow energy, energy as twisted space, space as a form of time, and time that comes from a creative impulse of some sort at the creation of the universe. This would seem to indicate that the underlying structure is more spiritual-like or software-like and that physical hardware only becomes apparent later.

If this is an accurate description of the fundamental nature of the universe, then does all spiritual/software impulse create physical/hardware manifestations? Does everything we think or imagine create ripples in time and space that can form energy and matter? Does the software actually create the hardware?

Self Assembly
Neural Networks

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