Skin Suit Requirements

A Skin Suit concept was previously described here as a combination of a super-skin layer of clothing, a space suit, and an exoskeleton. In order to bring this closer to a functional reality, we need to define requirements. We can start by defining the layers that are involved:

  • Skin components – a layer of protective clothing worn next to the skin, provides basic protection
  • Suit components – modular parts that are added to the skin to add more protection: visor, helmet, gloves, boots, an outer layer that goes on top of the inner skin
  • Exoskeleton components – a framework that integrates with skin and suit parts to add strength and other abilities


  • Impact protection – grade 1 = sharp edge resistance, grade 2 = high speed impact resistance, grade 3 = high energy resistance
  • Low pressure protection
  • Radiation protection – low, medium, high levels
  • Oxygen supply – containment, scrubbing, fresh supply
  • Water recyling – containment, filter and recycle, fresh production
  • Self repair ability
  • Power supply built in – operations, propulsion
  • Roll-out/up deployment with auto-seam connections
  • Force multiplier (exoskeleton)
  • Stealth capabilities – metamaterials, camouflage, invisible
  • Comm/Comp/Nav systems integration
  • Modular integration of all layers of components – skin to suit, suit to exoskeleton, exoskeleton to cradle/couch or other machines

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