The cradle is a modular “body support” system that is a hybrid of ideas found in the designs of an acceleration couch, exoskeleton frameworks, and nanotechnology spacesuits.

  • Acceleration couch – a couch designed to absorb acceleration forces and protect the human reclining in the couch. The most advanced forms use liquid gel nano-foams that can either be pre-deployed or react to unexpected shock forces with on-demand protection.
  • Exoskeleton framework – exoskeletons are external frameworks designed to help humans carry larger loads and go farther with less exertion.
  • Nano-suit – Eric Drexler has described a nanotechnology based spacesuit that can repair itself and automatically adjust to a variety of needs and environments.

Personal protection systems known as “cradles” evolved from these ideas into a modular composite system with many varieties and options. Most involve some form of base unit similar to an acceleration couch, that is used for both default “home station” (resting, monitoring, controlling) and extreme protection needs.

The exoskeleton component can detach from the base unit and be worn while moving around, but still provide both enhanced movement ability and protection. They often include extensions such as an emergency breathing face skin, wrap-around helmet, gloves, vest and more. Exoskeleton primary supports that mimic the human major bone structure (arms, legs, spinal column, skull) can expand to create full armor-like containment sheaths or special function components as needed.

The nano-suit, or “skin”, either exudes from the skeleton framework or is worn under it and intimately attached for power and communications. Skins come in a wide range of varieties, with most offering some level of hygiene, self repair, power collection and communications. Cosmetic options are often available.

Each of the different levels (couch, exoskeleton, skin) offer their own power, life support, computational, and communication options and can detach and interconnect on demand.

Drexler Spacesuit
Utility Fog

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