1890 – Vannevar Bush – bio

Vannevar Bush was born in 1890 in Massachusetts, USA and was an engineer and inventor. Known as an administrator, he directed the “Manhattan Project” (which produced the first atomic bomb) in its early years, and also worked on analog computing devices and created a concept he called the “memex” which was designed to store a web of cross-referenced information on microfilm to augment human knowledge.

In 1922, he co-founded a company which later became Raytheon. In 1928, he worked on an updated version of a mechanical device that could integrate differential equations. In 1936, Shannon was hired as an assistant to run the differential analyzer. In 1945, Bush published an article titled, “As We May Think” which described a fully automated information management system and later became an inspiration for many parts of our current internet and web structure.

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