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1887 – Ramanujan – bio

1887 – Ramanujan – bio

Srinivasa Ramanujan was born in 1887 in southern India. He was a self taught mathematical genius, who learned by reading books and often struggled with studies in school other than mathematics because of his intense focus. At the age of fifteen, he learned how cubic equations had been solved and developed his own technique to solve quartic equations. He made contributions in the areas of elliptic integrals, infinite series, number theory, and highly composite numbers. In the last year of his life, he jotted down notes on some “mock modular forms” or mock theta functions, that took many years to substantiate.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

– [youtube.com]

Who was Srinivasa Ramanujan? Learn about this mathematical genius who died young but left mysteries that still puzzle mathematicians today.

It is worth noting that in the list of PRECURSOR influences below, Ramanujan often duplicated those works independently.

1601 – Fermat
1680 – Machin
1707 – Euler
1768 – Fourier
1777 – Gauss
1804 – Jacobi
1826 – Riemann

1849 – Klein
1861 – Whitehead
1862 – Hilbert
1877 – Hardy
1885 – Littlewood
1886 – Watson
1887 – Hecke

1913 – Erdos
1926 – Kahane
1938 – Andrews
1943 – Gosper
1974 – Zwegers

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