1857 – Tsiolkovsky – bio

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was born in Russia in 1857 and has become known as the father of astronautics and space science. He was a school math teacher who proposed using liquid propellants for rockets instead of the then standard solid fuels. He worked on designs for rockets and other space related hardware including: steering thrusters, multi-stage rockets, space stations and was the first to propose a space elevator. He also published work on space stations and space colonies. In 1903, he published, “The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices”. He was inspired by the writing of Jules Verne.

1379 – Muratori uses the word, “rochetta” (rocket) to describe fire arrows propelled by gunpowder
1687 – Newton‘s laws of motion
1827 – Fyodorov
1828 – Verne

1882 – Goddard
1894 – Oberth

1907 – Korolev
1912 – von Braun

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