1856 – Tesla – bio

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia, studied physics and mathematics and made his most significant contributions in the fields of electrical engineering and electro-magnetic fields. He is best known for advancing the alternating current (AC) electrical power distribution system and the electrical induction motor. He was involved in research into x-rays. He invented radio and became involved in a controversy over whether he or Marconi should get credit. Marconi was awarded a Nobel prize for it in 1909 and the US Supreme Court declared Tesla the inventor of radio in 1943.

Tesla designed the first hydroelectric power plant in 1895 at Niagra Falls, NY. He invented the Tesla Coil, fluorescent lighting, wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control devices, designed the first vertical take off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, worked with research on death rays, robotics, worldwide communication systems and many more ideas that were ahead of their time. He registered over 700 patents.

1775 – Ampere
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1845 – Roentgen
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1857 – Hertz
1858 – Stanley
1873 – de Forest
1874 – Marconi

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