1853 – Lorentz – bio

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz was born in 1853 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. He was a physicist who advanced the description of the electron and collaborated with Pieter Zeeman to describe the Zeeman effect, for which both men were awarded the nobel prize for physics in 1902. The Zeeman effect describes how a magnetic field causes light to be split across spectral lines. The Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction describes a decrease in lengths of objects traveling at a high rate of speed. This hypothesis became a key element of Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Lorentz, Poincare and Einstein all worked on the foundations of relativity.

1791 – Faraday
1805 – Hamilton
1831 – Maxwell

Zeeman – (1896 – Zeeman effect)
1854 – Poincare
1879 – Einstein

1898 – Szilard
1901 – Fermi
1902 – Dirac
1918 – Feynman

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