1834 – Haeckel – bio

Ernst Haeckel was born in 1834 in Germany and was a biologist who discovered many new species and developed a method of mapping all species into a genealogical tree that shows their evolutionary development. He called this technique phylogeny and also created the terms phylum and ontogeny.

A phylogenetic tree shows the history of the evolutionary branching process. Modern phylogenetic analyses often use mathematical models to enable computation and are often based on DNA input. The field of linguistic analysis also uses phylogentic techniques to create tree maps of the historical development of languages and their interactions and relationships.

-0610 – Anaximander
1287 – William of Ockham
1707 – Linnaeus
1744 – de Lamarck
1749 – Laplace

1809 – Darwin
1822 – Mendel

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