1546 – Brahe – bio

Tycho Brahe was born in 1546 in Sweden. He was an astronomer and alchemist who is known for his contributions to astronomy. While he was probably the last astronomer to work mostly without a telescope, he revolutionized the use of precise instrumentation in astronomy. Because of this precision, he was able to discover and document some new orbital anomalies. Also, because of the scope and accuracy of his measurements, his assistant, Kepler, discovered that planets move in eliptical orbits. While Tycho did not accept the theory by Copernicus that the Earth orbited around the Sun, he did attempt to combine the best aspects of the astronomical theories of both Copernicus and Ptolemy. In his model, the Moon and the Sun revolved around the Earth and the other planets used the Sun as the center of their revolution.

1473 – Copernicus



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