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0980 – ibn Sina – bio

0980 – ibn Sina – bio

Born Abu Ali Sina Balkhi, or ibn Sina, in Persia around 980 and known in western history by the Latin version of his name, “Avicenna”. He was a physician and philospher and studied and taught mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, logic, geometry, geology, paleontology and more. The author of over 400 works, his major effort was known as the “Book of Healing” (Kitab al-shifa’) and was about a wide range of subjects including logic, mathematics, philosphy and religion. This book is credited with dividing the subject of mathematics into four subject areas of: geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, and music.

Ibn Sina was probably the leading writer in the field of medicine in his time, producing an encyclopedic collection of medical knowledge called “al-Qanan”. Many of his works were later translated into Latin and had wide influences on rennaissance era thinkers.

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