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1903 – Wright brothers flight

1903 – Wright brothers flight

 On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers successfully demonstrated the world’s first flying machine at Kitty Hawk, NC.
First in Flight – [discovery.com]

Wright Quarters
Rummage through the Kitty Hawk shed where the Wright Brothers experimented with their flying machines

The 1903 Flyer
Explore an interactive 3-D model to reveal the remarkable innovations of the first successful airplane

Take The Controls!
For a dramatic re-creation of the Wright Brothers’ historic first flights.

History on Camera
Relive the Wright Brothers’ daring quest for flight with our narrated interactive and photo slide shows.

June 1908: The Wright Perspective on Flight – [sciam.com]

The spring of 1908 found us with contracts on hand, the conditions of which required performance not entirely met by our flights in 1905. The best flight of that year, on October 5, covered a distance of a little over 24 miles, at a speed of 38 miles an hour, with only one person on board. The contracts call for a machine with a speed of 40 miles an hour, and capable of carrying two men and fuel supplies sufficient for a flight of 125 miles. Our recent experiments were undertaken with a view of testing our flyer in these particulars, and to enable us to become familiar with the use of the controlling levers as arranged in our latest machines. After tedious delays in repairing our old camp at Kill Devil Hills, near Kitty Hawk, N.C., we were ready for experiments early in May. We used the same machine with which we made flights near Dayton, Ohio, in 1905; but several modifications were instituted to allow the operator to assume a sitting position, and to provide a seat for a passenger. These changes necessitated an entirely new arrangement of the controlling levers. Two of them were given motions so different from those used in 1905 that their operation had to be completely relearned.

-0428 – Archytas designed a model flying bird
0200 – Kongming lantern was an airborn lantern used for military communications by Zhuge Liang
559 – first manned kite flight
1010 – Eilmer of Malmesbury flew 200 meters in a glider
1496 – Leonardo da Vinci designed several flying machines
1799 – Cayley created the concept of a fixed wing, heavier than air, flying machine with propulsion and control systems
1783 – Montgolfier brothers demonstrated the first manned hot air balloon flight
1856 – Le Bris flew a glider pulled by a horse
1871 – rubber powered model airplanes
1874 – Du Temple monoplane, made from aluminum – first successful powered flight
1884 – La France became the first self propelled, self controlled free flight of a dirigible (hydrogen filled airship)

1890 – Ader flew the “Eole” a steam powered aircraft designed like a bat
1891 – Lilienthal made many flights in a glider design similar to contemporary hang gliders
1894 – Chanute published, “Progress in Flying Machine”
1896 – Langley flew unpiloted, but large and heavy models for distances of nearly a mile

1957 – Sputnik 1
1969 – Apollo 11 lands on the Moon
1981 – Space Shuttle

Space Exploration

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