-0575 – Pythagoras – bio

Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician born around -575 on the island of Samos. He is best known for the “Pythagorean theorem” which states that in a triangle with a ninety degree angle (right angle), a square formed by the long side opposite the right angle (the hypotenuse) is equal to the sum of the squares formed by the other two sides.

pythagorean theorem

pythagorean theorem

This theorem may have been known previously to the Babylonians and Indians, but Pythagoras gets the credit for recording his proof of it.

Pythagoras investigated the mathematical ratios involved in musical harmony and believed that planets and stars moved in a similar fashion described as the “music of the spheres”. His wife, Theano wrote about the golden ratio. Pythagoras recognized that Venus was a planet instead of a star.

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