Zenmap is a GUI front end for nmap, the popular network and port scanning tool by fyodor.

Zenmap is the official graphical user interface (GUI) for the Nmap Security Scanner. It is a multi-platform, free and open-source application designed to make Nmap easy for beginners to use while providing advanced features for experienced Nmap users. Frequently used scans can be saved as profiles to make them easy to run repeatedly. A command creator allows interactive creation of Nmap command lines. Scan results can be saved and viewed later. Saved scans can be compared with one another to see how they differ. The results of recent scans are stored in a searchable database. A typical Zenmap screen shot is shown in Figure 12.1. See the official Zenmap web page for more screen shots.

An exciting new feature in Zenmap is the network topology mapping tool:


An Overview of the “Topology” Tab
Zenmap’s “Topology” tab provides an interactive, animated visualization of the connections between hosts on a network. Hosts are shown as nodes on a graph that extends radially from the center. Click and drag to pan the display, and use the controls provided to zoom in and out. Click on a host and it becomes the new center. The graph rearranges itself in a smooth animation to reflect the new view of the network. Run a new scan and every new host and network path will be added to the topology automatically.

The topology view is most useful when combined with Nmap’s –traceroute option, because that’s the option that discovers the network path to a host. You can view a network inventory that doesn’t have traceroute information in the topology, but network paths will not be visible. Remember, though, that you can add traceroute information to a network inventory just by running another scan thanks to Zenmap’s scan aggregation.

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