IPv6 Basics

IP version 6 is a new standard for the IP part of TCP/IP designed to replace the old IPv4 that has run out of address space. Sam Bowne teaches an IPv6 class at City College San Francisco. Here are some of the materials:

Introduction to IPv6 – [samsclass.info]

Course Description
In 2012, the IPv4 address pool will be exhausted. New devices will have to use the new IPv6 address system instead. Over the next several years, we will all have to implement IPv6 on all our routers, servers, applications, and end devices. This class introduces the essential steps of IPv6 deployment, with many hands-on projects.

Prerequisite knowledge: Students should be familiar with IPv4 addresses and routing at the Network+ level.

The class will include:


* IPv4 Address Exhaustion
* IPv6 Address Concepts
* IPv6 Control Protocols
* IPv6 Packet Structure
* IPv6 Address Types
* IPv6-to-IPv4 Conversion, including tunnels

Hands-on Projects:

* Connecting with a free IPv6 Tunnel
* Setting up an IPv6 Web Server
* Registering a domain, assigning AAAA Records
* Setting up an IPv6 Email Server
* Setting up an IPv6 DNS Server
* Configuring Reverse DNS Records for IPv6
* Implementing IPv6 DNS Glue Records for your top-level domain

Security Risks:

* The Hacker’s Choice–IPv6 Hacking Toolkit
* Scanning for targets with Neighbor Discovery
* The Ping-Pong denial of service attack on IPv6 Point-to-Point Links
* Apple Macintosh IPv6 Dual-Stack Problems
* Security device bypass attacks
* Torrents over IPv6
* Rogue Router Advertisement and DHCPv6 Servers
* Routing Header Zero Attacks

Video for class:
IPv6 with Sam Bowne Part 1 – [youtube.com]
IPv6 with Sam Bowne Part 2 – [youtube.com]
IPv6 with Sam Bowne Part 3 – [youtube.com]
IPv6 with Sam Bowne Part 4 – [youtube.com]

Presentation Slides for class:
L1: Motivation – [samsclass.info]
L2: Changes from IPv4 – [samsclass.info]

Class projects:
How to Earn IPv6 Certifications (on Windows, Part 1) – [samsclass.info]
How to Earn IPv6 Certifications (Windows Version) Part 2 – [samsclass.info]

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