DAVIX is a live CD (bootable) that boots SLAX (linux) and includes a variety of data visualization tools.

The DAVIX Live CD – [secviz.org]

What is DAVIX?

DAVIX, a live CD for data analysis and visualization, brings the most important free tools for data processing and visualization to your desk. There is no hassle with installing an operating system or struggle to build the necessary tools to get started with visualization. You can completely dedicate your time to data analysis.

Visualization Tools

The following is a list of all the visualization tools installed on DAVIX distribution:

  • AfterGlow
  • TreeMap
  • Mondrian
  • Parvis
  • LGL
  • R Project
  • InteVis
  • EtherApe
  • GGobi
  • Tulip
  • Cytoscape
  • RT3DG
  • Walrus
  • Dottty and lneato
  • GraphViz
  • glTail
  • Shoki
  • TimeSearcher
  • TNV
  • NVisionIP
  • Rumint
  • GnuPlot
  • Ploticus

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