Backtrack is live CD (bootable) that is a compilation of network security tools. Based on SLAX, Backtrack 3 currently has over 300 tools.

Backtrack is available from

Every package, kernel configuration and script is optimized to be used by security penetration testers. Patches and automation have been added, applied or developed to provide a neat and ready-to-go environment.

There is more information available at the BackTrack Wiki – []
. . . including a list of tools that are found on Backtrack 3

Some of the better known tools include:

  • nmap and zenmap for recon scanning
  • metasploit framework for penetration
  • kismet for wireless
  • john the ripper for password hash cracking
  • hydra for password quessing
  • autopsy for forensics
  • nikto for vulnerability assessment
  • ettercap for sniffing credentials
  • aircrack, airpwn and karma for wireless
  • netcat for connections
  • yersinia for sniffing network information
  • hping for probing with crafted packets
  • etherape for network discovery and display

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