15 Minute Pen Test

These two videos from “The Ethical Hacker Network” show Ryan Linn demonstrating basic penetration testing techniques with nmap, nessus, metasploit, ophcrack and some command line actions.

Video: The 15-Minute Network Pen Test Part 1 – [ethicalhacker.net]

The first video takes the viewer through the initial network recon stage of pen testing and then follows up with actual exploitation using Metasploit. Initially the network is scanned through Nmap, and after some basic discovery and information gathering, the scan continues to Nessus. Nessus is a vulnerability scanning tool that allows the user to analyze a host for vulnerabilities, but also has the ability to export reports. The video then walks the viewer through importing the Nessus vulnerabilities directly into Metasploit in order to determine which Metasploit modules correspond to the Nessus vulnerabilities for the specific host. The module data is then used to compromise a remote Microsoft Windows XP box.

Video: The 15-Minute Network Pen Test Part 2 – [ethicalhacker.net]

Part 2 covers some of the post-exploitation tasks that a pen tester may use. It begins with some basic Meterpreter tasks. Meterpreter is a specialized pen testing shell that is included in Metasploit as a payload. Using Meterpreter, password hashes are obtained from the exploited machine, and 0phcrack is used to crack the obtained passwords. While the passwords are cracking offline, the viewer is taken back to Meterpreter in order to create a hidden cmd.exe shell on the remote host. Finally we create a new user and add that user to the Administrators group.

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