Conficker update

Conficker has been updating nodes via encrypted p2p and is beginning to look like a conventional botnet with commercial spamming capability.

New Conficker Action – []

A new variant of Conficker was found yesterday. We’re still investigating the files but here’s what we know so far

Conflicker Worm / Botnet Downloads Mystery Payload – []

Certain Conflicker variants are apparently downloading new code and instructions via an encrypted Peer to Peer connection. According to Trend Micro the new code includes a keylogger and other code for stealing passwords and financial information.

Conficker botnet wakes up and smells the coffee – []
A blog digest on conficker developments…

The makers of Conficker, the worm that has infected millions of PCs, have begun to do what all botnet owners do — make money — security researchers said today as they started analyzing the malware’s newest variant.

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