wireless attack

wireless attack

Wireless attacks are constantly changing and so are the defensive techniques used against them. Here are some of the areas involved with different wireless attacks:

  • Recon – most wireless attacks start out with some form of recon. It is usually possible to sniff the wireless packets
  • WEP – this security protocol is no longer safe in any form. Some older versions of WEP can be cracked with only 2 packets. More current versions may require packet injection techniques in order to crack them in a reasonable amount of time, but that timeframe has been brought down into spans of ten minutes or less.
  • WPA – the protocols associated with this term can offer strong security, but depending on the configuration, they may also be vulnerable to specific dictionary attacks. It’s important to understand which group of WPA protocols is being used and how it is used.
  • Bluetooth – this form of wireless seems to often rely on the myth of short range transmission not being vulnerable to interception. In fact, bluetooth has been intercepted ar ranges of up to one mile. Other security measures include pin numbers that are often preset and very short. In it’s current form, bluetooth should not be considered safe. Stay tuned – this is likely to change quickly.

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