Physical attacks

physical attacks

physical attacks

Physical attacks are attacks that involve penetrating the physical security protecting information systems. In a facility with low physical security or public access, it can be as simple as walking into a building and sitting down at a computer system. Here is a list of some of the types of physical attacks:

  • Walk-in – where there is no physical security or public access, the attacker may choose to simply walk into the building and find a system to access or attempt to penetrate. They may also plug in a rogue device that can collect information or provide access from outside the building (wireless rogue AP), or reset a device to known standard configurations that are not safe.
  • Sneak-in – when there is some kind of restricted access, the attacker may try to find ways around the protection, such as a rear door or loading dock that has poor security, or tail-gating somebody through a security badge reader controlled door, using fake credentials, etc.
  • Break-in – it’s also possible for the attacker to resort to standard burglar techniques such as breaking through cheap locks, door hinges or windows, picking locks, disabling security devices such as alarms or door controls.
  • Damage equipment – in some attacks the mission of the attacker might be simply to disable some key piece of equipment by damaging it or destroying it.

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