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Cyber Threat Potential

Cyber Threat Potential

Cyber attackers have a variety of motivations, but it is possible to categorize them and attempt to understand the different strategies they might use and how to defend against them. Here are some of the categories of motivations behind threats:

  • Use data from your system
    • Identity theft – mostly for financial fraud
    • Business information – valuable to competitors
    • Military information – national security and defense secrets and technology
    • Political information – valuable to the competition
    • Intellectual property – mostly related to business, technology and defense companies, but there are many forms of valuable intellectual property that can be sold or leveraged for an advantage
  • Use your system
    • Relay spam – get paid
    • Serve warez, malware – get paid
    • Host other illegal activity – get paid to do it or make a profit directly
    • Launch cyber attacks against others – “pivot” attacks are harder to trace, DDOS attacks require many sources

Your guide to the seven types of malicious hackers – [infoworld.com]

Malicious hacker No. 1: Cyber criminals
Malicious hacker No. 2: Spammers and adware spreaders
Malicious hacker No. 3: Advanced persistent threat (APT) agents
Malicious hacker No. 4: Corporate spies
Malicious hacker No. 5: Hacktivists
Malicious hacker No. 6: Cyber warriors
Malicious hacker No. 7: Rogue hackers

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