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The debate rages about whether or not Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be friendly to humans. Some think that AI will, by it’s nature, be friendly to us and others disagree, afraid that it could be malevolent and aggressive, threatening to wipe out humanity. Preceding widespread discussion of AI, the same kind of debate was held […]

1815 – Boole – bio

George Boole was born in Lincoln, England in 1815 and was a mathematician. He is most known for his work reducing logic to a form of algebra. In 1854, Boole’s book on logic, “An Investigation of the Laws of Thought on Which are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities” was published. This created […]

Nmap to Nessus

This blog entry at Tenable by Paul Asadoorian describes how to most efficiently use both nmap and nessus together without duplicating effort. Using Nmap Results With Nessus Batch Scanning – [tenablesecurity.com] Conclusion If you have previously scanned your network with Nmap and saved the results in grepable Nmap output, you can save the step of […]