Asteroid Belt

Time Lapse of Asteroid Discovery

This amazing animation shows how many asteroids have been discovered across a time span of 1980-2012. Here are some rounded numbers that show the progression of discovery over the years: 1980 – 009,000 1990 – 015,000 2000 – 100,000 2010 – 525,000 2012 – 580,000 Watch the video to see how it happened. Asteroid Discovery […]

Freedom in Space

The main factor that will drive a mass emigration from Earth into the vast expanses of the asteroid belt will be freedom. People will say it is done for greed, for want of wealth, but the real reason will be a quest for personal freedom. Freedom from government interference in our lives, freedom from religious […]

Commercial Asteroid Mining Project

A new space exploration company is announcing their intent to create a new industry and redefine “natural resources” by mining asteroids. Planetary Resources plans to launch a small, low cost, space telescope that will discover asteroids and examine them to determine what valuable metals and elements they contain. Ice and platinum group metals are among […]

Life in the Asteroid Belt

Someday soon, humans will begin a mass emigration to the asteroid belt. The drivers for this diaspora will not be the noble quest for the exploration of space, or the expansion and survival of humanity, but rather the simple desire for more freedom. In space, freedom will reach new levels, with territory for living being […]

Visual Map of New Asteroids

For anyone interested in the asteroid belt or space exploration, this MUST SEE video offers a viewpoint of the last thirty years of our discovery of new asteroids. The text below the video is helpful. Asteroid Discovery From 1980 – 2010 – [] View of the solar system showing the locations of all the asteroids […]

Neptune’s “Trojan” Asteroids

Some asteroids that share the orbit of a larger body, such as a planet, without interfering with it, are known as “Trojans”. Lagrange points are orbital positions found near two objects, that allow a third object to remain in a balanced and stable position. There are two clusters of asteroids that have accumulated near Lagrange […]

Landing on an Asteroid

There are some problems with a mission to “land” on an asteroid: Space shuttle not available – the space shuttle is due for retirement and even if it could be pulled out of mothballs, it is unlikely that it would be capable of making an asteroid rendezvous. The shuttle was designed for orbital missions and […]

Rock Distribution

Rock Distribution

Building Planets – [] A beautiful artistic illustration of an asteroid belt (link above) shows a common misconception of asteroid spacing that is prevalent in both science fiction and the public mind. We love to watch Hans Solo or some other pilot skilfully guide a spaceship through the clutter of an asteroid field. But in […]

Asteroid Ice

Astronomers have detected the spectrum signature of ice on an asteroid called 24 Themis in the main belt. They believe the thin coating of frost on the 200 kilometer wide rock is constantly being evaporated by the Sun and then replenished from an interior supply deep inside the rock. Astronomers Find Water On Asteroid’s Surface […]

Dawn Update

Dawn is a space probe that was launched in Sept of 2007 and has been thrusting it’s way toward the asteroid belt since then. It reached the edge of the main belt last November and now is poised to do some close up investigating of some of the larger asteroids. Dawn Sailing Smoothly Through The […]