30 Min Deliveries From Amazon Prime Air

This Amazon Prime Air commercial shows some of the potential of robotic drone deliveries. If they make this work, other companies will follow and expand use cases to many different business sectors. Further, Amazon might be able to sell their delivery infrastructure to smaller companies allowing them to offer the same delivery service. Amazon Prime […]

“Hover Camera” Floats and Follows Using AI

Power it on, flip it open, and it hovers in the air, then will follow you anywhere and take 13 megapixel pictures and record 4K video. It uses a location and mapping algorithm to combine data from a down-facing camera, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to determine where it is. Then it uses facial and […]

Drones That Don’t Fly

When we think of drones, we often concentrate on flying drones. But drones can also roll, float, swim, crawl, and eventually will walk. When we use the term, “UAV” it means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, implying flying. But Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and Unmanned Water Vehicles (UWV) can also be useful. The key component in drones […]

Using a Drone to Catch a Drone

A team at Michigan Technological University has demonstrated a “proof of concept” design for a drone capable of shooting out a net that can entangle and capture another drone, disabling its ability to fly. In a law enforcement environment, just destroying a done that has penetrated restricted flying space may not be desirable. This concept […]

A Fully Automated Home

Our homes are becoming more automated all the time. It began about a hundred years ago, when electricity and modern plumbing came inside our homes for the first time. The first use of electricity inside our home was often just a single light bulb hanging from a cord in the middle of the room. And […]

Face to Face Turing Test

The Turing Test measures the ability of software to mimic human conversation. Originally conceived by Alan Turing as a test for intelligence in machines, it has become possible to imitate conversation convincingly enough to pass for human, even though the software does not qualify as truly intelligent. In the field of robotics, a new version […]

Robot Deliveries

Amazon has been developing a system to deliver small packages with drones. Walmart is doing the same thing. Soon we may be seeing packages delivered by a variety of robotic devices, not just flying drones. Local Delivery Robot by Starship Technologies – [] The Transwheel robots (the robotic delivery service) – designed by KOBI SHIKAR […]

Service Robots Help Us

Service robots are machines designed to help us with chores and other tasks. Automated floor vacuuming systems and unmanned airborne vehicles (drones) are common examples. Hospitals use robots to deliver drugs and to aid in surgery. Availability, lack of fatigue, wide sensory input, precision, strength, and other factors make robots ideal human service helpers. Here […]

Embedded Optical Sensors

The story linked below is about using optical sensors to improve touch feedback in robots. But a greater significance to this story is that we have the ability to embed stretchable optical sensors for a range of applications. While the sensors in this story are actually tactile sensors designed to provide touch sensitivity, they use […]

The Future of Jobs is Half-full

It has become clear that automation is going to replace many old jobs. But the ramifications of that change is an old issue, going back at least to the Luddites, who destroyed machines that they thought were disrupting their working environment. As robots and automation replace old jobs, they create new technologies and new wealth […]