Human Potential

Potential is about the possibilities of unrealized ability. It is about conceptualizing new combinations of existing functions that will create new ability. The combinations can come in many different forms, including: ideas, actions, collaborations, and more. Human potential is going through some radical changes and is likely to continue accelerating for the near future at […]

Evolving Intelligence is a Knife’s Edge Balance

Fast Evolution vs Slow Evolution Evolving intelligence too quickly can threaten the survival of an intelligent species because advanced technology is dangerous without an equivalent level of ethics. On the other hand, evolving intelligence too slowly can threaten the survival of an intelligent species because natural cause events can exterminate a species without the technology […]

The Progression of Ethics

Our consideration of ethics begins with self. At some point, we feel connected with others, usually family or close friends, and we become willing to extend some level of importance beyond self. As we grow in awareness and intelligence, we become more able to empathize with others, to feel connected with them, and continue to […]

Intellectual Capitalism

Capitalism is allowing individual choices and free market competition to determine exchange flow and set value/pricing. The converse of capitalism, called socialism, attempts to control exchange and pricing by applying ethical analysis to create rules and regulations intended to enhance conditions and outcomes for everybody. Basing the control of economic interactions on ethics sounds good, […]

The L-Factor Limits Contact With ET Aliens

The Drake Equation is a fascinating way to predict the chances of intelligent life existing in the universe. It combines factors of how many stars are in a galaxy, how many planets might be around stars, how many of those planets might be habitable, how many habitable planets spawn life, how many life forms achieve […]

Virtue in Intelligence

Intelligence can have the ability to self improve. Any self aware intelligence should at least consider the need to self improve. When self improvement is applied continually it will eventually improve the process of self improvement, accelerating growth and creating the possibility of the emergence of super intelligence. Super intelligence is defined as intelligence that […]

The History of Ethics

Searching for knowledge on the history of ethics returns mostly discourse on the development of philosophical thought about ethics. This is the history of a branch of philosophy, and philosophers reasoning of ethics, but it is not the history of how ethics has been applied in everyday life by common folk. We can learn from […]

Morals Should Not Be Limited to People

Morals are codes that we follow because they contain distilled ethical analysis from many decisions about what is right and what is wrong. Moral codes may vary across different cultures, philosophies, and religions. But it’s easy to find common ground also. Most moral codes include prohibitions against killing, stealing, and lying. And most moral codes […]

Using AI in the Development of Ethics

Both our understanding and application of ethics need improvement. There has been recent discussion of applying ethics to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and control of AI. What is really needed is the use of AI in the development and guidance of our ethics. Once a framework of moral standards and a methodology of […]

A Singularity of Morality

A singularity of intelligence and technology is what the term “the singularity” usually references, and the original primary use of the term described gravitational collapse into a black hole. In a general sense, singularities of all types are characterized by rapid growth in some factor that dramatically changes the entire landscape being described. The gravity […]