Augmented Reality

AR Haptic Floor Tiles

Augmented-Reality Floor Tiling – [] Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow, grass or pebbles underfoot. Such a tool could perhaps be used for augmented reality applications, tele-presence, training, rehabilitation or even as virtual foot controllers. The modular “haptic” floor tiling […]

Luminous Room

The luminous room concept involves using the entire environment surrounding the user as an interface for interaction, both input and display. John Underkoffler points to the future of UI – [] Minority Report science adviser and inventor John Underkoffler demos g-speak — the real-life version of the film’s eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interface. Is this […]

AR Displays

Augmented reality displays can be delivered in as many different ways as data can be displayed. Displays that are projected onto a surface, or “heads-up” style displays on see through screens or glasses or contact lenses, and even display information that is projected onto the retina of the eyeball are all possible. Future of the […]


Telepresence started out pretty much as video conferencing, but has already expanded far beyond that and is now beginning to use robots as surrogates for telepresence operations. The combination of robotic movement and sensors with ever advancing telecom ability holds great promise for tele-commuting jobs and remote operations and interactions in many forms. As robotic […]

Pico Projectors

Pico projectors are small devices that can project images on nearby surface, replacing the conventional idea of a monitor. They are likely to start being built into many small mobil electronic objects and will make information more available regardless of the environment. Analyst predicts rapid growth for pico projectors – [] The capability of picoprojectors […]

Augmented Cognition

Using technology and computational power to extend and enhance our cognitive resources and abilities is called “augmented cognition”. This can involve filtering information flow, modulating information volume to stay under overwhelm limits, enhancing data with analysis and visualization, enhancing bandwidth by using multiple channels and information formats, sequencing information properly to allow increased assimilation rates, […]

F-35 Helmet

The F-35 helmet display system offers fighter pilots an augmented reality 360 degree panoramic viewpoint for controlling their aircraft. How the F-35 Demon Helmet Looks Inside – [] The helmet projects an augmented reality world inside its visor. This image is created by a visualization, targeting, and situational awareness marvel called Electro Optical Distributed Aperture […]

Sixth Sense

The Media Lab at MIT is working on a project to create a cheap, wearable interface that can augment our physical environment with information and allow us to interact with it easily and by using gestures. The current prototype can be built for a cost of around $350. Sixth Sense – [] SixthSense is a […]


Wikitude is a travel guide smartphone application for the android platform that keeps track of your current location by GPS and links it to search results about the location. The results can be presented in a variety of forms including dots on a map with information bubbles or a camera view that superimposes information over […]


The Neurosky Mindset is a headset that can pick up a variety of brainwave activity and interact with nearby software via bluetooth. This allows the user to interact with games, virtual reality environments and much more based on changes in their thought patterns. Neurosky – [] Begin harnessing the power of your mind with the […]