Hacking Exposed – Wireless

The new second edition update to “Hacking Exposed – Wireless” has a companion web site that includes several extended versions of chapters. Hacking Exposed Wireless 2nd Edition – [] Online Chapters Wireless is a very complex topic, and some may want to dig even further into the WiFi and Bluetooth specifications while learning more about […]

Hacking Wireless Keyboards

Hacking Wireless Keyboards With Keykeriki – [] KeyKeriki is a hardware + software tool released by Remote Exploit to exploit wireless keyboards. You can download the theory slides from here. The details about the software and hardware requirements is available on their website. According to them: “Now 1.5 years after releasing our whitepaper “27Mhz Wireless […]

IPv6 Basics

IP version 6 is a new standard for the IP part of TCP/IP designed to replace the old IPv4 that has run out of address space. Sam Bowne teaches an IPv6 class at City College San Francisco. Here are some of the materials: Introduction to IPv6 – [] Course Description In 2012, the IPv4 address […]

Security Terminology Definitions

Assessment – the process of testing the effectiveness of security controls to discover the level of protection they offer and any weaknesses. Assessment and Authorization – formerly known as C&A. The combination of the Assessment process and the Authorization process that together allow an information system to operate as safely as possible. SEE ALSO: Assessment, […]

GSM Based Skimmers

Brian Krebs leads the field in reporting on bank ATM machine skimmers that collect banking credentials from ATM customers and relay them to cyber thieves. This is another outstanding article by Krebs that exposes a little piece of the world of cyber-crime. Why GSM-Based ATM Skimmers Rule Earlier this year, KrebsOnSecurity featured a post highlighting […]

Nmap NSE Scripts

The nmap scripting engine (written in LUA) allows users to use a list of pre-written scripts that automate nmap functions or modify them or write your own scripts. Chapter 9. Nmap Scripting Engine – [] Introduction The Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) is one of Nmap’s most powerful and flexible features. It allows users to write […]

Plugbot for Penetration Testing

All About Plugbot – [] PlugBot is a hardware bot. It’s a covert penetration testing device designed for use during physical penetration tests. PlugBot is a tiny computer that looks like a power adapter; this small size allows it to go physically undetected all the while powerful enough to scan, collect and deliver test results […]

How Botnets Are Built

A Botnet is a collection of many computers that have been compromised by an attacker and are being used surreptitiously for some purpose usually related to cybercrime. Botnet Methodology: Compromising Systems Email with infected attachment or link to infection site Website with infected code Other protocols: IM, IRC, FTP, P2P, twitter, and more… Controlling the […]


Metasploit recently released version 3.4.0 of the Framework with many improvements and new exploits and a new commercial product, Metasploit Express. Today, they followed that up with a VM image that can be used as an exploitable practice target. Introducing Metasploitable – [] Metasploitable is an Ubuntu 8.04 server install on a VMWare 6.5 image. […]

Metasploit Roundup

Here’s a roundup of recent metasploit techniques: Nessus Scanning through a Metasploit Meterpreter Session – [] Scenario: You are doing a penetration test. The client’s internet face is locked down pretty well. No services are exposed externally and only HTTP/HTTPS are allowed OUT of the corporate firewall. You email in a carefully crafted email with […]