This site is about figuring out how things in the universe work.

It is managed by Omar Fink

The site will focus at first on the topics you see listed at the top of each screen:

  • Information Security - both sides of infosec will be investigated, the attack (or hacker) methodology and the methodology of defense (with a primary focus on the risk based philosophy of NIST that is required for US federal agencies).
  • Singularity - this describes a coming together of technological and scientific advances that have the potential to completely change the future path of human civilization.
  • Science - there is a focus here on the history of science and technology, with the hope that understanding how our science has developed in the past will shed some light on how it might develop in the future. Space exploration techniques and possibilities will also be looked at in this area.

Posts below will offer update information:

Visible to the world

Saturday, Oct 25 – This blog is now visible to the world and search engines.

In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was nothing physical, no matter and no energy.  But there was something that was not physical and was without time or space.  Some people call it a greatness of spirit.  Some people call it the rule against which all is measured.  And some people claim it is pure imagination and will […]

HackingTheUniverse is born

This site came into being on Tuesday, 26 August.  It is still in the process of creating time and space to unfold into.