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How Small Is An Atom?

How Small Is An Atom? Spoiler: Very Small. [youtube.com] SEE ALSO: Scale in Space Explore the Scale of the Universe Imagine a Pea in a Swimming Pool Simplifying Quantum Mechanics Is Possible

New Insider Threat Controls in 800-53 rev4

The NIST revision to 800-53 controls that is known as rev4 added new controls related to insider threats. PM-12 (0) INSIDER THREAT PROGRAM – this is the master control requiring an insider threat program, including a team that is focused on insider threat incident handling. The team needs to have cross-discipline representation that allows them [...]

Microcapsules Target Arthritic Cartilage

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have developed a new technique for delivering protein molecules to cartilage affected by osteoarthritis. When delivered in this manner, the protein (CNP) can reduce and possibly repair the damage caused by arthritic inflammation. New ‘microcapsules’ have potential to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis – [eurekalert.org] The researchers constructed [...]

Quantum Cruise Review – part 3/3 – our cruise experience

Quantum Cruise Review - part 3/3 - our cruise experience

…continued from “Quantum Cruise Review – part 2/3″ ARRIVAL When we arrived in Bayonne, the new terminal building was impressive. Curbside luggage check-in went quickly and smoothly and we went inside. RC check-in attendants were easy to find and they complete the check-in process in less than five minutes. We put our carry on bag [...]

Quantum Cruise Review – part 2/3 – life on the ship

Quantum Cruise Review - part 2/3 - life on the ship

…continued from “Quantum Cruise Review – part 1/3″ STATEROOM Our stateroom was comfortable and nicely designed. There was a sofa beside the bed with indirect lighting and some storage cabinets above it. The bed was comfortable and had small lamps on each side. When our stateroom attendant cleaned the room, she also left us presents [...]

Quantum Cruise Review – part 1/3 – the ship

Quantum Cruise Review - part 1/3 - the ship

[click on images to enlarge] QUANTUM OF THE SEAS FACTS AND HISTORY Built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany 348 meters (1,141 feet) long 41 meters (136 feet) wide 8.5 meters (28 feet) draft (depth under water) 2,090 staterooms 375 interior staterooms with virtual balcony screens Fact Sheet Sept 19, 2014, conveyance down the EM [...]

Post Biological Intelligence

We know that intelligence does not depend upon biological forms. Biology based intelligence takes advantage of a “built-in”/natural evolutionary process to adapt and enhance ability to survive. Once conscious intelligence reaches a sufficient level of knowledge, it can duplicate that evolution in algorithms based in any substrate form. Material substrates include metallic conductors and semi-conductors [...]

Transparent Cars

If we don’t need windows in spaceships, we don’t need them in cars either. Retro-reflective screens reflect images straight back at the source of light, instead of at an opposite angle as happens with a mirror. This allows the driver of a car to see what is outside the car, just as though the car [...]

Artificial Ethics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to surpass human intelligence. This is obviously true with regard to measuring intelligence by speed and accuracy and scope of knowledge. Calculating machines that are faster, more accurate, and supply access to vast stores of information, are part of our daily lives. This alone doesn’t make them intelligent. In [...]

Sunspots as vortex rings

A recent article explored half vortex rings in water, that showed a fairly stable pair of vortices on the surface of the water – see: Vortex – Physics – Dimensions Sunspots are often described as pairs of vortices. Perhaps they are vortex rings in the plasma of the sun that we can observe when they [...]