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From Samurai Swords to Smart Fabrics

Samurai swords were made in an elaborate, repetitive process that was ritualized to ensure the integrity of the methodology. A piece of iron was heated in a forge and folded and flattened many times to create layers of iron and carbon and iron oxide that were formed into swords with strength, flexibility and able to [...]


A bug in the OpenSSL protocol that encrypts and protects our web page logins and passwords has been discovered and was announced on April 7, 2014. Web servers are being patched rapidly to close this hole. But in the meantime, our passwords and other important credentials (certificates and keys) may have been revealed. The vulnerability [...]

An Implosion of Taxonomy

One difficulty in trying to assess the state of the singularity is maintaining focus on key areas. The nature of the singularity is an explosion of knowledge and science and technology. It is obvious that some key areas include: artificial intelligence, robotics, computing, knowledge engineering, nanotechnology, bio-genetics, energy, augmented reality and ethics. But each of [...]

Simplifying Quantum Mechanics Is Possible

Ignoring the script that insists, “the quantum world and the large scale world play by two different sets of rules”, this simple demonstration shows that there may be an equally simple explanation for “quantum” events and the “wave-particle duality” paradox. All of our observational data seems to confirm that elementary “items” at some level act [...]

History of Crypto-Currency

In October of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto (presumably a psuedonym) published a paper proposing the use of a peer to peer network doing “proof-of-work” calculations to establish a form of electronic cash. This became known as BITCOIN. All fiat currencies rely on some form of trust to maintain stability. This trust is often based on a [...]

Watch as Humanity Reaches for the Stars

This is reminiscent of watching the X-15 drop from beneath a B-52 bomber and blast upward into space. We knew at the time that we were watching the first steps of humanity into space and a few years later that led to the first manned moon landing. Now we are seeing another step forward as [...]

Bitcoin Virtual Money

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is both established and safeguarded by mathematical techniques. We understand that most common currencies in use today are no longer backed by something like the gold standard. This means they maintain their value through a level of trust in the national economy that they represent. Bitcoin attempts to establish [...]

Intel Xeon Phi CPU w/72 cores

Intel has upgraded it’s Xeon Phi co-processor to become a standalone CPU that can have as many as 72 cores. The older “Knights Corner” version of the Xeon Phi is a co-processor mounted on a PCIe board and can go up to 61 cores. The new “Knights Landing” version is a standalone chip that is [...]

China Moon Rover Chang’e-3 Lands

The first human object to reach the Moon was a crash landing (by design) of Luna 2, a probe launched by the Soviet Union. The first “soft” (controlled) landing was accomplished by another Soviet probe, Luna 9, in 1966. The first manned Moon landing was by the US Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The last [...]

Robotic Bird UAV

The “Maveric” is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that weighs 2.5 pounds, can be launched by hand, flies for an hour on a fully charged battery, and looks like a bird from the ground below. It can be flown by joystick or in autonomous mode, has bendable composite material wings and can carry a variety [...]